Land Surveying

Nobles and Associates is a growing land surveying firm in Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi with expertise and experience in large survey projects and complex engineering design surveys. Survey crews may use traditional total stations or GPS equipment to complete the project efficiently. Whether you're a property owner with a few acres to subdivide and develop, or a design firm looking for a local surveyor, Nobles and Associates is ready to meet all of your surveying needs.  
Type of Surveys/Services:


±  Lot Survey


±  Boundary Survey


±  Subdivision Survey


±  Topographic Survey


±  ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey


±  Rezoning Survey


±  Utility Survey


±  Easement Surveys


±  As-Built Survey


±  Flood Elevation Certificate


±  FEMA Letters (LOMA, LOMR & LOMF)


±  Construction Layout


±  Locate Property Corner

How Much Should It Cost?

The cost of a survey depends on many factors:

Ø  Type of survey required


Ø   Existing terrain and land conditions


Ø   Amount of information supplied by owner


Ø  Surveyor’s knowledge of the area


Ø  Availability of record information


Ø  Existing monumentation


Ø  Liability incurred by Land Surveyor

Because of the varying conditions and requirements, it will be difficult to determine the exact fee in advance. However, based on general experience, the Surveyor can usually furnish an approximate cost. The lowest fee is not always in the best interest of the client or the Land Surveyor. A well prepared land survey will be the least expensive part of your total land investment cost.


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